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John Lee Dumas

At 32 years old, John Lee Dumas took a risk. A big one. He quit a career in commercial real estate to start a podcast. He had no idea how he would find an audience and, once he did, he had no idea how he would make money from them. Seven years and $15 million dollars in revenue later, it’s safe to say he figured it out.

Riana Lynn

From a childhood on food stamps to an adulthood in food tech, Riana Lynn is changing the cost of, content in, and access to healthy snacks. And while her biology degree and entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for her success, Riana found extra inspiration working as a black woman inside the White House.

Bridget Lyons

As a successful entrepreneur, an accomplished singer-songwriter, and impressive selfie-taker, Bridget Lyons is equal parts smart, talented, and beautiful. She truly has it all. But what her thriving businesses, sold-out shows, and portfolio-like Instagram feed don’t show you is that, as a teenager, Bridget lost it all too.