Who We Are

In an early episode of the television series A Million Little Things, the cast of characters is mourning the suicide of Jon. As a husband, father, friend and businessman, Jon’s death left them questioning the man they thought they knew. They thought he was loving and compassionate. They thought he was selfless and caring. They thought he was honest and trustworthy.

After a few minutes of shouting and tears, silence eventually fell on the group. Anger and sadness and confusion hung in the air until someone finally spoke up and said:

He was all of those things. But he was also human.”

People are strong and smart. Bold and beautiful. Courageous and creative. We pen books and pose for magazines. We sing songs and start businesses. We win championships and write dissertations. But we are also humans. We’re flawed. We’re imperfect. We doubt and we falter and we fail. And, ironically, our struggles are more powerful than our successes.

These are our stories.